DeadlyMusic.Com hopes to offer a range of worthwhile services for independent artists. These include squeeze pages for distributing work to facilitating contact between solo performing artists or small groups and smaller live music venues such as cafes or gallery spaces. Helping to get performing artists, especially solo artists who don't have the support or wow factor of a band, live gigs. DeadlyMusic.Com hopes to become the website independent artists and smaller venues think of in order to win gigs or meet their live music requirements.

DeadlyMusic.Com understands it's often the support of the smallest venues who are simply trying to break even and the tenacity of the least financial artists that keep the coolest (deadly) music alive. This being the case, DeadlyMusic.Com aims to meet costs of providing a worthwhile service while keeping fees affordable for struggling small venues and artists alike.

Owing to the current Political-Socio-Economic-Cultural CRISIS DeadlyMusic is now Focused on Supporting the Work oF "Artists For Truth" and is ACTIVE on our Facebook Page here:

DeadlyMusic.Com hopes to become a leading online resource for both independent artists and lovers of live music. A website you can visit the world over to access music services or locate live music venues and discover where and when undiscovered or favourite independent artists are playing.

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This is a pilot website under development :: DeadlyMusic is now Active on its Facebook Page here: